About the author

Tamara Hoffa

<p></p><p>My best friend calls me &ldquo;her Fairy Godmother,&rdquo; but I feel more like Cinderella. After over twenty-five years of living a typical life, I now live my dreams and I create them too.</p><p>Nothing is better than creating a brand new world from a blank piece of paper. Breathing life into characters and watching their stories unfold&mdash;I am truly blessed.</p><p>I live in on eight acres in middle Tennessee with my husband, my dad, one of my three children, two dogs and three cats.&nbsp; I am privileged to have two precious grandsons.</p><p>When I&rsquo;m not on my computer or reading my kindle, you&rsquo;ll usually find me in the kitchen. I love to cook! If I&rsquo;m not there, I&rsquo;m on the fields, watching my grandsons&rsquo; soccer or baseball games.</p><p>It&rsquo;s never too late to chase your dreams. I&rsquo;m proof you can catch them, even if arthritis slows you down. Who knows, your own Fairy Godmother may be just a dream away.</p>