About the author

Des M. Astor

<p>Des M. Astor is a writer in the Urban Fantasy genre. She twists things in a unique way and brings a new flavor to the mythical creatures you know and love. Des has been writing her entire life and decided to refine her craft by going professional.<br/>&#13; <br/>&#13; In her works, she tries to tell important lessons through her characters, such as the importance of working together in a romantic relationship and consent. In terms of friendships, she likes telling stories where a group of friends struggle in battle but come through in the end. She has a mixture of strong female and male protagonists. Her stories are character driven.<br/>&#13; <br/>&#13; Des graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor&#8217;s degree in Biology in May of 2019. She has a deep love for reptiles and seeks to become a herpetologist. Often, she will blend in her knowledge of science to enhance her writing, which brings about sci-fi elements.</p>