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Jonathan Price

<p>Jonathan Price is an author and expert in all things nutrition. His love for good, healthy, nourishing food is translated in his books, wherein he helps hundreds of readers from all over the world lose weight quickly and efficiently, while retaining or building muscle mass and increasing strength and resistance.</p><p>However, Jonathan did not always start out this way. Almost a decade ago, he was overweight and suffered from a myriad of health issues, including diabetes, high blood pressure, and arthritis. When he turned 25, he was constantly out of breath and took regular trips to the Emergency Room. After suffering from a mild stroke shortly after, he knew it was time to turn his life around for the better, or lose it for good.</p><p>He then spent the next three years studying, applying, and promoting proven health-based principles he has learned from all the health and wellness experts he has had the privilege to work with. Now, Jonathan has penned three best-selling diet and recipe books (and counting), filled with evidence-based information gleaned from his years doing research and working with the best of the best.</p><p>Kick start your health and weight loss journey, or simply indulge your inner foodie with Jonathan&#8217;s well-loved books &#8212; all of which are now available online, including the &#8220;High Protein &amp; Low Carb Diet&#8221;, the &#8220;2020 Cookbook: Pizza 100+ Recipes&#8221;, and the &#8220;2020 Essential Diets&#8221;.</p>