About the author

Lisa Pellegrene

<p>Lisa J. Pellegrene is a journalist and publicist, a professional in TV/Film (director, talent, production) a 17 year strategist for philanthropists, filmmakers, authors and artists, a vocalist and a long time social justice advocate and animal welfare advocate (and rescuer). She made her debut as talent on national television on Travel Channel&#39;s World Best Beaches Series, specifically, &quot;Top 10 Southern California Beaches&quot; where she swam, kayaked, snorkeled and spoke about Catalina Island. Her directorial debut for TV is a project she conceptualized entitled, &quot;Peace, Love, Unity Dance Troupe TV&quot; which will feature music artists and a dance troupe also, consisting of ballerinas and hip hop dancers. She is a long time vegan. Her first book, recently published is entitled, &quot;Be Epic, Choose Love&quot; and consists of multiple chapters comprised of rhythmic, epic lyrical poems about the importance of love, empathy, kindness, compassion and truth. It&#39;s truly about the beauty of love and life.&nbsp;</p>