About the author

Jeanne Marie

<p>Creator of the popular newsletter, &ldquo;Women Who Think Too Much,&rdquo; published from 1997 to 1998, the author has had ample experience in flipping over everyday actions to expose the dark underbelly.<br /> Her fearsome narrative will draw you in long before she slaps&nbsp;you with her reality meter, turning your preconceived notions of her subtitles,&nbsp;A No Help At All Handbook and&nbsp;How to become codependent in 12 easy slips, upside down.<br /> If you get confused as to where the heck the author is heading, you can end the suspense by reading Slap One first.<br /> An accountable victim, her writing is vulnerable with an awareness that is empowering. The result is not at all preachy, condescending, alarmist or worst of all, sappy.<br /> You will find yourself laughing out loud regarding scenarios that should make you cry, like the circling ladies in Kmart, the perverted mailman, etc.<br /> Written from personal experience and presented in the mood of an honest chat with a trusted girlfriend, this unique perspective on love gone awry is as entertaining as it is enlightening.<br /> The author has a very sharp sense of humor and she lets it fly without losing the gravity of her subject.<br /> Terrifying examples shine a revealing light on the painful truths of codependency.<br /> Highly entertaining while touching you in raw spots that you didn&rsquo;t even know you had, the only promise given is that <em>you will never be able to unread this book.</em></p>