About the author

Yuri Jean-Baptiste

<p>While Yuri Jean-Baptiste may have spent his adolescence growing up in beautiful Fort Lauderdale, FL, he mainly lived in the magical fantasy and sci-fi landscapes his imagination created. A voracious reader and movie-lover, Yuri spent much of his childhood years world-building and concocting adventures before being forced to grow up. Lucky for him, he met his true love, Jennifer, who dared him to imagine again and pursue his dreams of becoming an author. Married in 2015, Yuri now lives in Durham, NC, with his wonderful wife and two dogs, although he devotes much of his time within his now fully-developed worlds. When he is not writing his novels, Yuri can be found channeling his inner nerd, playing Dungeon&rsquo;s and Dragons and Magic: the Gathering with his friends.</p>