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Lori O'Gara

<p>About the Author</p><p>Lori O&#39;Gara is happiest with her feet in the sugar white sand on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. She grew up on Perdido Key, Florida and currently resides with her childhood sweetheart just a few miles from where they grew up. She will be the first to admit that she is addicted to books. She doesn&#39;t always read what is on the bestseller list. She likes romance novels with a magical spin and memoirs about everyday people. Lori&#39;s literary philosophy is simple. Read what you like. If you can&rsquo;t read through the first couple of chapters without your mind wandering to other things in your life or if you dread having to finish it, then throw it out the front door. (No tossing a library book please.) Read what speaks to your heart. When not writing or reading Lori can be found wandering the stacks of her library, watching Doctor Who or spending time with her family.&nbsp;</p><p></p><p><strong>Look for these books in the Perdido Key Series:&nbsp;&nbsp;</strong>We Will Get There,&nbsp;There and Back, Almost There, Away From There, and&nbsp;Never There</p>