About the author

Richard Fierce

<p>Richard Fierce is a fantasy author best known for his novella&nbsp;<em>The Last Page</em>. He&#39;s been writing since childhood, but became seriously vested in it in 2007. Since then, he&#39;s written several&nbsp;novels and a few short stories.<br /> <br /> In 2000, Richard won Poet of the Year for his poem&nbsp;<em>The Darkness</em>. He&#39;s also one of the creative brains behind the Allatoona Book Festival, a literary event in Acworth, Georgia.<br /> <br /> A recovering retail worker, he now works in the tech industry when he&#39;s not busy writing.<br /> <br /> He has three step-daughters, three huskies and two cats.<br /> <br /> His love affair with fantasy was born in high school when a friend&#39;s mother gave him a copy of&nbsp;<em>Dragons of Spring Dawning</em>&nbsp;by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman.<br /> &nbsp;</p>