About the author

Jazlyn Gambol

<p><strong>Jazlyn Gambol is a former legal assistant and a self-proclaimed nerd with a penchant for D&amp;D and renaissance fairs. With over a decade of indulging in D20 tabletops, pen, and paper Rpg&#8217;s, She is currently taking time out of the legal field to spend more time engaging in fantasy writing. Having a touch of morbid fantasy she enjoys writing about things other authors may shy away from.&#160;</strong></p><p><strong>Jazlyn grew up in the outskirts of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania living and working in and out of the city. She received her Political Science Pre-Law B.A. from Temple University with a good-enough GPA. After college saw her working as a paralegal at a small law firm which essentially saw her do lawyer work for assistant pay.&#160;</strong></p><p><strong>In her free time Jazlyn spent considerable time nerding out in bookstores and coffee shops until she learned about D&amp;D and similar games. With this newfound understanding of nerdom she boldly strode out from her bookstores and coffee shops to places where DM's and dice rolls can be heard late into the night. </strong></p>