About the author

Jo Henny Wolf

<p>Jo Henny Wolf lives with her husband and two daughters in the idyllic Rhine Valley in one of the warmest places of Germany. She spent her childhood roaming the woods of the Black Forest, steeped deeply in myth and folklore and ingrained superstition, where her love for fairytales was nurtured and cemented.</p><p>She holds a B.A. in German Language and Literature as well as Scandinavian Language and Literature. Tracing intertextual influences is like a treasure hunt and a fascinating puzzle to her, but it&#39;s not as fulfilling as writing her own stories, accompanying her heroines and heroes through adventures full of magic, love and melancholy, and lots of steamy sex.</p><p>Visit her at johennywolf.org to learn more about her and the projects she&rsquo;s working on, and subscribe to her mailing list to be the first to get notified about new releases and special offers. &nbsp;</p>