About the author

Bill Jordan

<p>Bill Jordan was taught chess on his 7th birthday by his father using a chess set carved by his grandfather.</p> <p>Bill became Victorian Junior chess champion in 1971. He later became Australian junior chess champion, Victorian chess champion, Australian correspondence chess champion, and in 2017 South Australian chess champion.</p> <p>Since the age of 17 Bill Jordan has represented Australia in international chess events in Malaysia, Yugoslavia, Mexico and China.</p> <p>Since 1981 Bill has been a life member and has been president of the Melbourne chess club, one of the oldest chess clubs in the world. He is an enthusiastic chess software programmer who has taught and written manuals for chess as well as IT and lateral thinking. He has also written numerous articles for chess magazines.</p> <p>Bill is an experienced individual and group coach, who has a wide and deep understanding of many opening systems and chess positions in general.</p>