About the author

Pamela Brookes

<p>My child needed an ongoing supply of progressive phonics books that use an Orton-Gllingham approach. This proved to be a nearly impossible, expensive task.<br /> &nbsp;</p><p>I decided to put my talents to use and simply write books for her. She is learning to read using an Orton-Gillingham approach. These books follow a gentle progression of phonics rules. DOG ON A LOG Books have five books at each step to allow for practice, repetition, and enjoyment.<br /> &nbsp;</p><p>I want to share our books with new readers and their families. I also want to make them affordable. Since every family will have different needs and different budgets, I am making the books available in both digital and paper editions. They can be purchased as individual books or collections of five same-step books in one volume. Paperbacks have black and white images. They are optimized for dyslexic learners with cream colored paper and Verdana font. The digital books all have color pictures.&nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;</p><p>As our reading journey progresses I will continue to write books for my daughter and to share them with other families.<br /> &nbsp;</p><p>I was not going to include artwork because drawing is not my talent. However, my daughter was adamant she wanted her books to include pictures. I am grateful to the artists who have made their images available for public domain uses. These sweet images give my daughter a break when the reading is challenging.<br /> &nbsp;</p><p>I hope other new readers will be entertained by these stories as they practice, and master, each step of their reading journey.&nbsp;</p>