About the author

David Hagerty

<p>Stories about crimes have always resonated with me, whether it was&nbsp;<em>Crime and Punishment</em>&nbsp;or&nbsp;<em>The Quiet American</em>. Maybe it&rsquo;s because I started my career as a police reporter, or because I worked for a time as a teacher in the county jail.</p><p></p><p>More than a decade ago, when I decided to finally get serious about writing, I started with short stories based on real misdeeds I&rsquo;d witnessed. I wrote one about my next door neighbor, who&rsquo;d been murdered by a friend, another about an ambitious bike racer who decides to take out the competition, and a bunch of others based on characters I met in jail.</p><p>Over time these got picked up by various magazines online and in print. More than a dozen now exist, with most of the latest in Alfred Hitchcock&rsquo;s Mystery Magazine and Big Pulp.</p><p>For my debut novel,&nbsp;<em>They Tell Me You Are Wicked</em>, I drew inspiration from the most infamous event in the history of my hometown: the real life killing of a political candidate&rsquo;s daughter (though I made up all the details). Now I am at work on a second volume in the series, set two years later, after my hero, Duncan Cochrane, has become governor. He&rsquo;s haunted by the family secret that got him elected, and fighting a sniper who&rsquo;s targeting children in Chicago.</p>