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Jason Travis

<p>Jason Travis has read all the books, listened to all the tapes and studied all the dating courses. Jason spent thousands of dollars and gotten rejected over a hundred times trying to figure out what really works when it comes to meeting beautiful women.<br /> <br /> He has been in the Dating/ Relationship field for over 7 years, and has now begun sharing his knowledge and educating people around the world.<br /> <br /> In his books Jason teach how to Become Alpha Male, Gain Confidence, Improve social and communications skills, and Attract women!!<br /> <br /> When not writing,Jason likes to read, exercise and explore the different parts of the world<br /> <br /> Jason grew up in Oakland, California and now resides in San Diego, California .<br /> <br /> Learn more by scrolling down the page and check out his book on Becoming Alpha Male and Attract women.</p>