About the author

Paul Enock

<p>Born in Sussex, UK a long time ago&hellip; He studied engineering at Bath and worked for British Aerospace and the MOD for 23 years making bits for planes and controlling WMDs. In the 90&rsquo;s he left BAe and became the Development Manger for a company producing rotary aero engines and in 2000 became a self-employed engineer.</p><p>For the next 10 years, he designed and tried, with patchy success, to finance a ceramic rotary engine. The engine has yet to be made, but he&rsquo;s currently consulting on a related project in the USA.</p><p>He now lives in the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire, UK, and does as he pleases: working for pocket money as an electrician and, in the absence of a consenting partner, living his fantasies through his writing.</p>