About the author

E Darkwood

I am here to share a story with you, or two, or twenty if you're willing. But fair warning: if you are fond of longwinded detailed descriptions or you aren't into first person POV then my books probably won't be amongst your favorites. Also, brace yourself for a tale that is driven by the story. What does that mean? That from gender to time, sexuality to genre <em>everything</em> is up for grabs in any of my tellings which I understand some might find uncomfortable but if you'll trust me with that creative liberty then I can promise you a journey worth taking.<br><br>All my books are pure fiction but many have parallels to the world we live in, often with what are meant as humorous twists.<br><br>I have many series but no set publication dates so I strongly suggest you sign up to recieve new release notices: https://books2read.com/author/e-darkwood/subscribe/1/92370/<br>Don't worry it's free and you'll only recieve messages when a new book is out. I myself am subscribed and I'm pleased to report it's spam free.<br><br>Thank you for expressing an interest in learning more about my books, hopefully you will find one that is to your liking.<br><br>Finally, if books aren't your thing then how about a phonecase or a shirt?: https://teespring.com/stores/e-darkwoods-official-store<br>​​​​​​​You might find something useful and also help support an independant author.<br>​​​​​​​<br>But whatever your choice, may it prove worthwhile.<br>-E