About the author

Cynthia Cruz

<p>As a teen I became ill. My mother flew me home, introduced me to nutrition and brought me back to health. This started me on a lifelong quest for optimal health.</p> <p>Now I have a Diploma of Dietary Supplement Science (from Huntington University of Health Sciences, the only accredited school of nutrition in the US), and a passion to continually research.</p> <p>As a Nutritional Consultant, I get feedback on what works and what doesn&#39;t.</p> <p><strong>Science <em>plus</em> Practical Application = the best of both worlds</strong>.</p> <p>I am excited to share with you what I have learned!</p> <p></p> <p><strong>DISCLAIMER:</strong> I am not a Medical Doctor. I do not diagnose diseases nor provide conventional medical testing nor treatment. For such treatment please see your MD.</p>