About the author

Marc Thomas

<p>Marc Thomas was born in Saltash, England in 1957. However, he counts himself as Welsh, especially on match days.&nbsp;<br /> He grew up in British boarding schools, wrote short stories as a form of escape and now imagines himself as president of a South American republic.<br /> His first book, Ten To Seven, was self-published in 2007 and he&rsquo;s not afraid to admit that it was a vanity project, which his English teacher would have marked down as needing some improvement.<br /> Now that he&rsquo;s settled in Argentina, his writing has taken on a more conspiratorial form, with the publication of The Last British President, a novel inspired by various Argentine presidents and the British invasions of the River Plate in 1807.<br /> He has been a keen ocean sailor all his life, but now he enjoys riding his motorcycle around Argentina, building expensive gaming computers, writing for computer technical blogs and observing life in the fascinating city of Buenos Aires.</p>