About the author

Liza Perrat

Liza grew up in Australia, working as a general nurse and midwife. She has now been living in France for over twenty years, where she works as a part-time medical translator and a novelist. She is the author of the historical <em>The Bone Angel</em> series. The first, <em>Spirit of Lost Angels</em> is set in 18th century revolutionary France. The second, <em>Wolfsangel </em>is set during the WW2 Nazi Occupation and the French Resistance, and the third novel <em>– </em><em>Blood Rose Angel</em> –– is set during the 14th century Black Plague years. The first novel in her new trilogy, <em>The Silent Kookaburra</em>, is a psychological suspense set in 1970s Australia. Liza is a co-founder and member of the writers’ collective Triskele Books and also reviews books for Bookmuse. dd an Author Biography<br>