About the author

Dayne Edmondson

<p>Dayne lives in southeastern Michigan with his wife and two young children.</p><p>He enjoys reading, writing, playing video games, walking, biking, watching TV with his wife and being outside with his family.</p><p>Dayne is an avid reader of science fiction and fantasy literature.<br><br>The <strong>chronological</strong> reading order of his books is:<br><br><strong>The Shadow Trilogy (Sword &amp; Sorcery):</strong><br>1. Blood and Shadows<br>2. Time of Shadows<br>3. Shadows Fall<br><br><strong>The Mageborn Saga (YA Sword &amp; Sorcery):</strong><br>1. Mageborn<br>2. The Cursed Tower<br>3. Halls of Light<br><br><strong>The Seven Stars Universe (Space Opera):</strong><br>1. Ghost Ranger<br>2. Space Commando<br>3. Prison World (forthcoming)<br><br><strong>The Dark Tide Trilogy (Space Opera):</strong><br>1. Emergence<br>2. Eclipse<br>3. Ruin<br><br><br></p>