About the author

Kristine Frost

<p>Kristine Frost has always loved reading and writing. She started reading at age 4 and writing at age 5. By age seven, she had finished her first mystery novel. It was called &lsquo;The Mystery of My Best Friend&rsquo;s Bracelet&rsquo; and was based on a true story. (The brother did it.) It was 3 pages long.<br /> Kristine graduated with a degree in English from Utah State University. She taught for four years until she got a virus in her vocal cords that forced her to quit teaching. She has worked as a disability counselor and advocate for disabled children. The low point in her career was working in a factory where she made chips for computers. It was the job from hell and many of her co-workers figure in her novels. (The names have been changed to protect the guilty.) She currently works as an administrative assistant to a dean at a university in Utah. One of her assignments was to launch an alumni magazine. The first edition won platinum from the Marcom Awards and her writing won gold.<br /> &nbsp;</p>