About the author

AC Adams

<p><strong>AC Adams</strong> loves gay erotica and wants you to love it also. That&rsquo;s why he&rsquo;s always striving to give you a lot of bang for your buck, so you can bang your buck. Someone said the best way for a young man to earn a living is to write about what he loves. I&rsquo;ve taken writing courses at the University level and online through workshops. Courses alone don&rsquo;t make one a better writer. A keen eye for detail and a lot of heart have to be added to the mix.&nbsp;</p><p>At the heart of my writing are my experiences. I&rsquo;m a fiction writer not a memoirist. I fictionalize my truth and the truth of others.</p><p>I learned the craft of creative expression from my Mother. She taught me in more ways than one how to make up stories and to give people we knew alternate lives. I&rsquo;m a member of Erotic Meets, the premier group for Erotica Writers. My unofficial Birth date is August 19, 1987. I&rsquo;m not much younger or older than that. I&rsquo;ve adopted Texas right now. The kindness of readers keeps me going.</p>