About the author

Jane M. Mullins

<p>Jane M. Mullins is a Dementia Nurse Consultant who has devoted over 25 years to the study &amp; practice of dementia care. She has uncovered certain common features that help caregivers &amp; the people they care for find better ways of coping. Her practice experience is backed up by expert knowledge gained from keeping up with research, lecturing &amp; studying for her PhD; A Suitcase of Memories. She is passionate about finding sensory, creative &amp; intuitive ways of communicating with those living with dementia.<br><br>Through listening to &amp; supporting people &amp; their families during &amp; following their diagnosis in memory clinics, caring for people who have dementia in hospital &amp; in care homes, she has helped people throughout all of the stages of their condition. When managing a Nursing Home, she has supported their transition from home to residential care using life stories as a guide to planning their life &amp; care throughout their remaining years. This has included supporting their partners, families &amp; friends. Her particular passions are finding ways to communicate with people who have dementia through music, art and nature as a way to helping them feel well and valued.<br><br></p>