About the author

Diana Duncan

<p>When her dreams of becoming a ballerina were quashed by early-onset klutziness, Diana Duncan took up the safer vocation of writing. Her first thrilling masterpiece--written in orange crayon--was titled &quot;Perky the Kitten,&quot; and became an instant bestseller with her grandparents.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Her childhood growing up as a military brat gave her the ability to leap into a conversation with anyone, anywhere, anytime...and she always discovers a new friend in the process. This gift of gab perfectly equipped her for a career that involves making stuff up.<br /> <br /> Di is famous for using seven words when one will do. She wields smart-assery like a samurai sword, and will be the first to volunteer in a catastrophe. Of course, she was probably the one who caused the catastrophe. She&#39;s fiercely loyal to her friends and family...but in the event of the upcoming zombie apocalypse, she won&#39;t hesitate to use them as human shields.<br /> <br /> She loves her job as an author, and claims writing is the most fun she&#39;s ever had while wearing her sock monkey pajamas. She also enjoys gardening, cooking, and adopting abandoned curbside furniture to refurbish into treasures.<br /> <br /> Diana published 6 award-winning books with a traditional NY publishing house before going rogue with Indie publishing. 10% of the proceeds of every book she sells is donated to different organizations that serve those who are in need, both people and animals.<br /> <br /> Di loves to hear from her readers. Write to her at writedianaduncan@msn.com Join her on Facebook on her official author page, and feel free to stop by and ogle her kilted hunks on her website www.dianaduncan.com</p>