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G.K. Stream

<p>I have been working on writing these stories for a long time. I first wrote&nbsp;more seriously in 2014, mostly as a challenge to see if I could in fact write a novel.&nbsp;</p> <p>I wrote anomalies during <pwa class="pwa-mark pwa-mark-done" data-pwa-category="spelling" data-pwa-dictionary-word="NanoWriMo" data-pwa-hint="Unknown word: NanoWriMo" data-pwa-id="pwa-3DF5E816C87D061A4724EF9AAE9B83CD" data-pwa-rule-id="SIMPLE_SPELLING" data-pwa-suggestions="nonwar~nonword">NanoWriMo</pwa>, and it felt like a great accomplishment. Over the years&nbsp;I <pwa class="pwa-mark pwa-mark-done" data-pwa-category="style" data-pwa-dictionary-word="chose to publish" data-pwa-hint="Readability may be enhanced by using: published" data-pwa-id="pwa-C897A79F92E8E16B8D774ADAABB5CF0D" data-pwa-rule-id="READABILITY_682" data-pwa-suggestions="published">chose to publish</pwa> the story because I knew that the characters would love to share their story with others. Through this process, I&#39;ve had some large life changes. All of that, however, has done nothing but fuel my desire to continue writing this story.&nbsp;</p> <p>I hope that you will read this series and love the characters as much as I do. If you would like exclusive freebies, and insights as things progress with the series please hop onto my website and subscribe to my monthly newsletter.&nbsp;<span class="rangySelectionBoundary" id="selectionBoundary_1558300714763_5841242968364022" style="display:none; line-height:0"></span></p>