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Bartleby Willard

<p>Skullvalley after Whistletown Bookmakers (SAWB) is headquartered both outside of timsepace and in the SAWB Building in Sometime Somewhere Wall Street, Isle of Manhattoes.<br/> <br/> Bartleby Willard is a self-created fictional character who one fine summer or perhaps spring day wanders into the SAWB Building, finds a quiet table, draws a "Bartleby Willard, Staff Writer" sign, a stack of blank writing papers, a feather pen and an inkwell from out his banged-up old leather satchel; and makes himself at home, or rather: at work.<br/> <br/> Amble Whistletown is the woefully mortal brother of one of the two gloriously immortal founding editors of SAWB who, after yet another wasted decade, is made editor for Bartleby Willard, non-real (literally) shapeshifting would-be author who showed up and was not sent away.<br/> <br/> Bartleby and Amble want to become real men of letters and hope you'll want to attend their writings and cheer them.</p>