About the author

Josie Caporetto

<p>Josie is what you could call an Italian from Down Under, born in Australia but raised for 15 years in Italy. Then she came back to Marvellous Melbourne (Australia), a city of artists, culture and great food.<br/> <br/> Her curiosity about story telling came from her maternal grandfather "nonno", who would always tell her tales of his time in Abyssinia.<br/> <br/> She started writing as a 14 year old when she had to read a book for an Italian literature class. The novel was the well-know classic of the Italian 19th century, Alessandro Manzoni, "The Betrothed" (in Italian. "I Promessi Sposi"). She felt Renzo was a wimp and wasn't the right character to be the hero for the story. So she made the rugged and wicked villain Don Rodrigo the hero for Lucia.<br/> <br/> Her professor loved the way she brought the characters to life, and then suspended her for daring to change a piece of literature.<br/> <br/> Josie's fantasies have no limit. She love writing, from historical romances to chick lit, time travel to fantasy, depending on her mood. She also writes poetry, non-fiction, children's stories and short stories as well as women's crime under JC Capo and is published in anthropology and cook books under Giusy Caporetto</p>