About the author

Michael J Allen

<p>Originally from Oregon, Michael J. Allen is a pluviophile masquerading as a vampire IT professional in rural Georgia. Warped from youth by the likes of Jerry Lewis, Robin Williams, Gene Wilder and Danny Kay, his sense of humor leads to occasional surrender, communicable insanity, a sweet tooth and periodic launch into nonsensical song. He loves books, movies, the occasional video game, playing with his Labradors - Myth and Magesty. He knows almost nothing about music.<br> <br> A recovering Game Master, he gave up running RPG&#39;s for writing because the players didn&#39;t play out the story in his head like book characters would - we know how that worked out.<br> <br> Suddenly fresh out of teenagers, he spends his days writing in restaurants, people watching and warring over keyboard control with the voices in his head. </p>