About the author

Fiona Grant

The world of medieval Scotland in the rugged Highlands has always appealed to Fiona — ever since the day, many years ago, when she stayed up late reading Diana Gabaldon’s CROSS STITCH. That was the beginning of a wonderful adventure!<br>Years later, when the series of novels starting with <em>Cross Stitch</em> made it to the small screen as OUTLANDER, Fiona found that the setting and characters came to life all over again. She’s read every book in the series and eagerly looks forward to each season of the story on the screen – the highs, the lows, the sacrifices made by both men and women, the warfare!<br>And of course, there’s the wonderful film BRAVEHEART… who couldn’t love the story of William Wallace?<br>Fiona says: “If you delve into history you’ll find that life in medieval Scotland was very hard, and some of the most wonderful people met with all kinds of challenges. I like to explore ‘what might have been’ in my books – both romantically and in the many skirmishes that took place! I happily create strong heroines and stalwart heroes, and try to give them a happy ending — but they may suffer greatly getting there! I hope you get as much enjoyment from reading their stories as much as I did creating them.”