About the author

Mark Morimoto

<p>Mark Morimoto is a self-help writer born and raised in California, always fascinated by his Japanese origins.</p><p>&#160;At the young age of 17 he went through a period of depression after the loss of his mother, suffering a lot because he believed he could not find a purpose in his life. But, thanks to his grandmother, he decided to take a path of rediscovery in his Japanese origins.</p><p>He moved to Japan, where he lived for 8 years.&#160; The discovery of Japanese philosophy applied in everyday life radically changed his point of view and his own life, which improved considerably.</p><p>Since then, he has embraced the mission of sharing the inestimable value of the small pearls of wisdom he learned in his experience.</p><p>Mark self-produces its own books.</p>