About the author

Fish Phillips

<p>Fish Phillips was born and raised as the son of an enlisted Marine.<br/> <br/> After attending high school in Hawaii, and top universities elsewhere, a genre-defying career path led him to writing.<br/> <br/> Over decades he has served as a technology founder, medical researcher, college professor, web developer, screenwriter, filmmaker, program manager, and artist.<br/> <br/> His academic background in science, art, cultural anthropology, and theology enables him to render rich worlds accessible to broad audiences.<br/> <br/> As a multi-platform creator, his ambition is to share unique, high-concept, stand-alone stories with readers to delight, entertain, and cultivate their curiosity.<br/> <br/> Based in Atlanta, he lives with his engineer wife and a teenage daughter who mocks him with "Look at daddy signing books like he's famous."</p>