About the author

Craig Johnson

<p>The feet of my ancestors walked the beautiful land of Canada for over two centuries. I am comfortable in surroundings varying from the solitude of stark wilderness to large urban social events. Writing is not the discipline mentioned on my university degree, though I have enjoyed creating with words since childhood. Having been exposed throughout my life to a rich tapestry of human experience, I wish to add my words as unique threads to this great cloth.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Let me add my sincere appreciation to any individual who takes their valuable free moments to read these literary efforts. At its highest form, I hope my works allow you, the reader, to be stirred in some small fashion to turn another page and explore further.<br /> <br /> THE WATCHMAN&#39;S GRACE is my debut novel. Please follow my works as I expand upon this initial offering with more stories to captivate your interest. This is not a standard author&#39;s biography, though it is in my writing that a better reflection of my character can be found.</p>