About the author

Kay Brooks

<p>As a teenager, Kay enjoyed reading Georgette Heyer, Daphne duMaurier, Mary Stewart and Victoria Holt and treasured the ones she collected.<br></p><p>She discovered contemporary romance when she needed something light to read while the children were napping. She found herself wondering “what if” and decided to write a story of her own. She joined the Virginia Romance Writers and Washington Romance Writers DC and made many, many new friends while fine-tuning her writing skills.</p><p>Three small children, a full-time job as a Library Director, little league and civic obligations caused her put the pen away for a while, although she continued to write news articles and library newsletters. She became immersed in the community and made friends with many of the citizens through the library.</p><p>In 2013, she retired and pulled out her old manuscripts. Once again, she found herself wondering, “what if I make a change here? A change there? Update things?”<br>She has written six books:<br>The Row Series:<br><em>Spicer’s Challenge</em> Book 1<br><em>Dreams Fulfilled</em> Book 2<br><em>Newfound Love</em>, Book 3<br><em>Persistent Intruder<br>Love Again<br>Shadows of Déjà vu</em><br></p><p>There are many more “what if” stories waiting to come alive.</p><p>Please enjoy her website, www.kaydbrooksauthor.com and like her Facebook page: Kay Brooks<br></p><p>She also welcomes comments via email: kaydbrooks.author@gmail.com&nbsp;</p>