About the author

Gary Gibson

<p>Gary Gibson is one of the UK&#39;s leading authors of hard science fiction, space opera and post-apocalyptic fiction with a career stretching over fifteen years and ten books, including STEALING LIGHT, FINAL DAYS and most recently EXTINCTION GAME, which received the coveted &quot;starred review&quot; from Publisher&#39;s Weekly. His work has been translated and published around the world, including Russia, Brazil, Germany, France, Germany and others. He also has a forthcoming novella, Ghost Frequencies, to be published by Newcon Press, and is working on a third book in the series begun by Extinction Game and Survival Game.&nbsp;<br> <br> A long-time resident of Glasgow, Scotland, he relocated a few years ago to Taipei in the Far East and splits his time between editing and working on his own material.&nbsp;</p>