About the author

Zarina Macha

Zarina Macha is an author, blogger, poet, musician, and YouTuber from London, UK. She has currently self-published twenty-one books: six under her name and fifteen as Diana Vale. In 2021, her young adult novel <em>Anne</em> won the international Page Turner Book Award for fiction. In 2023 she released <em>Tic Tac Toe</em>, a young adult dystopian novel that depicts a cultural Marxist society and satirises wokeism, identity politics, and political correctness.<br><br>She began publishing her work in 2018 while completing a degree in Songwriting and Creative Artistry from The Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) in Guildford. Her three published YA fiction works are <em>Every Last Psycho</em> (2018), a compilation of two novellas that deal with heavy trauma and mental illness; <em>Anne</em> (2019), a coming-of-age novel about domestic violence, and <em>Around Midnight</em> (2020), a novel about an emotionally abusive teenage relationship.<br><br>She has also published two poetry volumes; <em>Art is a Waste of Time</em> (2018) and <em>Single Broke Female</em> (2019). Both explore the essence of womanhood, including sexuality, femininity, and emotional angst. She has performed her poetry at various functions in London, including Poetry Unplugged, the Farrago Slam, and the Global Fusion Music &amp; Arts Spoken Word events.<br><br>In 2021 Macha began writing contemporary new adult romance under the pen name Diana Vale. Her Kirk University books are standalone stories about students who find love at university. This fictitious university is based on the real-life University of York in northern England where Macha briefly attended prior to ACM.<br><br>Macha has two YouTube channels: Zarina Macha Author, where she makes videos about her books and writing process, and The Rational Female, where she criticises Feminism. She identifies as an anti-Feminist women’s advocate, egalitarian and humanitarian. She believes in freedom, justice, and human rights for all, and seeks to protect free speech at all costs. She is also strongly against the use of sensitivity readers in fiction.<br><br>Download&nbsp;<em>Art is a Waste of Time&nbsp;</em>​​​​​​​FOR FREE HERE upon signing up to Macha's mailing list:&nbsp;https://storyoriginapp.com/giveaways/4a955900-7b14-11ea-9fcc-f384d4e75ead<br>