About the author

Ellison Blackburn

Ellison Blackburn lives with some of her favorite beings in Seattle, Washington. An early interest in the soft sciences, together with a career in information technology, ignited her curiosity in singularities many years ago. Thus, Ellison pens fiction that seems to crash like a wave over individual lives but rather leave a wake across societies too, stories that present multiple speculative ideas at once—because in real life, singularities will not manifest one after another in an orderly fashion.<br><br>Among her published works are Flash Back, book one of the women’s speculative fiction Fountain trilogy; If There Be Giants, book one of science fiction and speculative fiction Watchers duology; An Untimely End, book one of the science fiction and historical mystery series, the Windy City Files; and the cyberpunk dystopian fiction novella Virtue Us, the Future of Love.