About the author

Monica Mayrie

<p>Monica Mayrie has a penchant for writing short, steamy novellas that whet readers&#39; appetites -- and passion -- for more.<br /> <br /> Her first erotic romance novella, Just one Night, debuted in October 2013.</p><p><br /> While originally intended to be a standalone book, Monica decided to turn this &quot;one night stand&quot; into a series as of September 2015. What will happen when now-experienced young lovers Jason and Cassandra, fully reveling in their passion and delight for each other, welcome John and Cassandra back into their lives?<br /> <br /> Monica has also embarked on her second series, This Time Forever. Follow Angie and Doug, college sweethearts who rediscover each other -- and their steamy attraction -- after 30 years of separation, new love found -- and lost -- and heartache. A must read for anyone who has lost love... and hopes to rediscover it someday.<br /> <br /> Readers can also expect this series to continue into next year. First, we return to the beginning of Angie and Doug&#39;s story... and all the steamy, exquisite passion of those days!</p>