About the author

Avery K. Tingle

<p>Avery K. Tingle was born and raised in Northern California. He carried a tumultuous, violent childhood into adolescence, resulting in a juvenile criminal record, teen parentage, and eventually dropping out of school. More than a decade of sporadic homelessness followed, during which time he made his way aimlessly across the continental United States.<br> <br> Heavily influenced by comics, animation, and video games, he found mild success as a freelance writer and turned to professional writing in 2010. After being published in Journalstone’s Warped Words for Twisted Minds, he focused on Creative Fiction. His debut scifi romance novella “The Anniversary” is a steady seller on Amazon while his dark epic fantasy “Era of the Scourge: Avelith” was a brief bestseller on Kobo.<br> <br> He plans to release Era of the Scourge: Avelith, a dark epic fantasy and first-in-series, early 2017.<br> <br> In what little spare time he can find, he enjoys video games, martial arts, the NFL and comic books. He is an activist for unity, tolerance, equality and an end to child abuse and domestic violence. He lives with his family in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. </p>