About the author

Willee Amsden

<p>Willee is as quirky as the characters he creates. He writes under several pennames on a wide varitey of subjects. He likes to keep in shape by jogging his memory and jumping to conclusions. While he doesn&#39;t practice yoga Willee does like to stay limber by stretching the truth.</p><p>When he&#39;s not slaving over a hot computer while cackling like a mad man, you will often find him outdoors with one or more of his four legged furry friends. He&#39;s kind of a rambling guy sometimes found in the Southwest and other times along one of the coasts. Most of the time he&#39;s in the United States, but liable to pop up just about anywhere when you least expect.</p><p>Willee is not a serious person.</p><p></p>