About the author

Ray Kelley

<p>Ray Kelley is a native of Tennessee and in addition to writing in a number of different genres, also enjoys...</p><p>Okay, let&#39;s cut the crap. You know it&#39;s just me writing this. I can&#39;t afford an editor to write a bio for me. Hell, I can&#39;t even afford a cover artist. I made the cover for this book in Photoshop, Paint, and Word. Not too bad, considering I&#39;m not much of an artist.</p><p>I&#39;ve written some other stuff, but you&#39;ve probably never heard of it and I&#39;ve taken it down. The only other thing I have up right now is&nbsp;<em>The Magic Scroll of Oz</em>&nbsp;and it&#39;s pretty good.</p><p>This was fun to write. I love spoofy sci-fi. If enough people want, I&#39;ll write another one of these. Or not. Whatever.</p>