About the author

Janice Seto

<p>Janice Seto writes non-fiction and commentary including articles for The Bridge, the publication of The Malaysia-Canada Business Council. Recently she has assisted James Rogers on his book, The Expat Teacher Job Search Guide. Her four-part series on relationships based on Doc Love.com and the books of Betty Neels is now available in print and ebook format. Janice gets her laughs via the Doc Love podcast and weekly radio show, accessible to members of the DocLoveClub http://www.doclove.com/.&#160;&#160;</p><p>Works in progress by Janice Seto include the <em>Royalty Meets Enneagram </em>series on the Enneagram personality typology, <em>Royalty Meets Enneagram: Understanding Personality Style 7: Meghan Markle, Sarah Ferguson, Princess Tessy</em>, was published in time for the 2018 royal wedding.</p><p>Janice Seto is also writing a&#160;travel guide series designed for the JKC tourist (Japanese, Korean, Chinese).&#160;&#160;www.janiceseto.com</p>