About the author

Kasey Belle

<p>Independent Author Kasey Belle, whose death will most likely be sarcasm and faulty filter related, is a southern belle with a sexy imagination.&nbsp;</p><p>In 2006, tired of hurricanes and mosquitoes &ldquo;The Belle&rdquo; family moved on up, to the west side of the MS, to Las Vegas.&nbsp; Kasey currently lives in Sin City with her very own sweet southern boy/husband, the infamous &quot;Outlaw&quot;, in their newly acquired empty nest.&nbsp; She is the mother of two grown children and grandmother of a 2-year-old fur-baby (cat) named Cosmo aka Princess Fuzzy-butt, and a hamster named Taco.</p><p>In 2015, with the encouragement of her family, Kasey turned a lifelong dream into reality and published her first romance novel, Their Cajun Queen, Copper Creek Pack Series, Book 1, a paranormal shifter m&eacute;nage.&nbsp; Since then two more of Kasey&rsquo;s novels have found their way into publication.</p><p>Kasey promises her readers few things: &nbsp;sexy, woobilicious alpha males; strong, snarky, sarcastic, and sassy heroines; lots of hot, steamy sex, and a happily ever after.&nbsp; Other than that, the sky&rsquo;s the limit.&nbsp; Kasey will fly as high as her little, kinky heart desires.&nbsp; In Kasey&rsquo;s opinion, a good romance, is raw and honest, limited only by the author&rsquo;s imagination, not dictated by what society deems as normal.&nbsp; Love is love&hellip;. and all forms are beautiful.&nbsp;</p><p>When Kasey isn&#39;t writing and perfecting her craft, she is spending time with family and friends or kicking back with a nice bottle of Moscato. Kasey admits she&#39;s addicted to tattoos and books, and will not be seeking help.</p>