About the author

Vasanth Kainkaryam

<p>Vasanth Kainkaryam is a board-certified Internist and Pediatrician, with an undergraduate degree in the Biological Sciences and in Linguistics from Cornell University.&nbsp; In addition to his practice of medicine, he has a special interest in foreign cultures and languages, with a particular focus in sound articulation and phonetics.&nbsp; With a strong interest in Hindu philosophy and culture, as an immigrant straddling two worlds, he has always desired to be able to blend various cultures yet preserving each&rsquo;s authenticity.&nbsp; His family is from a small ancient village in Southern India, known as Melukote (or Thirunarayanapuram), which is a stronghold for Sri Vaishnava philosophy and Sanskrit studies.&nbsp; He hopes to continue writing and creating avenues for Indian children and adults growing up with primarily non-Indian influences to be able to retain specific aspects of their heritage.&nbsp; In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, listening to Carnatic music, writing poetry and baking mini-cupcakes.&nbsp; He lives in Connecticut with his wife and daughters.</p>