About the author

Sarah Raplee

<p>Growing up, Sarah Raplee wanted to be a mother, writer, poet and artist&mdash;in that order&mdash;but her unfortunate lack of eye-hand coordination eliminated <em>artist</em> from her list. At a tender age she followed her heart to marry her firefighter-cum-Coast Guardsman boyfriend, who is the inspiration for her heroes. Sarah writes an eclectic mix of paranormal and steampunk romance stories that includes curses, shapeshifters and sharp-toothed gnomes. For unknown reasons, dogs have infiltrated nearly every story. Her first novel, BLINDSIGHT, begins the <em>Psychic Agents Series</em>, a paranormal romantic suspense series featuring psychic FBI Agents. Sarah writes because she can&#39;t help it, and it&#39;s more fun than most of the alternatives. She lives near Portland, Oregon, with her husband, two small dogs and a cat&mdash;all rescues&mdash;and an ever-changing assortment of children and grandchildren.</p>