About the author

Teagan Kearney

<p>I was born in London of Irish parents, and I write paranormal urban fantasy and commercial women&#39;s fiction. I also write short stories in the science-fiction, magic realism, crime and romance genres.</p><p>Apart from&nbsp;<em>One Summer in Montmartre </em>(commercial women&#39;s fiction),&nbsp;I have published Books One and Two,&nbsp;<em>Tatya&#39;s Return</em>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<em>Vampire Sacrifice</em>,&nbsp;of the paranormal urban fantasy trilogy,&nbsp;<em>Samsara.&nbsp;</em>&nbsp;Book Three&nbsp;is due for release at the end of 2016.&nbsp;</p><p>I love traveling, and enjoy photography, drawing, theater, film, reading, and when there are no gales blowing, I like to walk. I&#39;m a fair-weather gardener, and am compiling an ever increasing bucket list of places I want to visit from Iceland to Australia.<br /> &nbsp;</p>