About the author

J.M. Griffin

<p> With her books sold worldwide, J.M. Griffin is one of today&#39;s popular women sleuths authors.<br /> J.M. is known best for her Vinnie Esposito series. The series, set in Rhode Island, the smallest state in the USA, is brought to life by a colorful cast of characters. Every novel has a blend of humor, mystery, and romance. J.M.&#39;s latest novel in the series, Cold Moon Dead, is the fourth in the Esposito series. Her latest, The Deadly Bread Series, takes place in Rhode Island, features a Scot, a bread maker, and lots of interesting characters who help figure out who-done-it.<br /> Stepping away from Rhode Island&#39;s scenery, J.M. set Faerie Cake Dead on the coast of Maine. Filled with humor, faeries, sweet cupcakes, murder and a yummy hero, the villain is someone you&rsquo;ll least expect.<br /> J.M.&#39;s release, Murder on Spyglass Lane, takes place on the west coast of Florida in the Sarasota area. This cozy mystery has a unique and hilarious blend of characters, a sexy hero, and a psychic heroine.<br /> Tangled to Death was a mystery inspired by J.M.&rsquo;s favorite art style, Zentangle. She set the story in New Hampshire with an unexpected corpse in the first scene. Wit and fun fill the pages of this novel.<br /> J.M., her husband, and two mysterious cats reside in a countryside village in western Rhode Island, where life is anything but mundane.</p>