About the author

Sherlina Idid

She studied at Coventry University, United Kingdom, and graduated with a BA in International Relations &amp; Politics. She has been working in the human resource management line since she graduated.&nbsp;<br>During her early years, she liked reading adventure genre; Enid Blyton's books like secret seven, Hardy Boys, &amp; Famous Five, and Nancy Drew. In addition, she enjoys reading fairy tales as it brings her to imagine places that do not exist in this world which encouraged her to widen her imagination. Her favorite fairy tales are Snow White, Cinderella, Snow Queen, Emperor's New Clothes, to name a few.<br>As she grew older, her interest in reading has expanded to the thriller and romance genre. Furthermore, her interest in traveling has exposed her to other cultures, environments, and sightseeing, which eventually sparked her to write her first and other novels.<br>She took the opportunity of numerous lockdowns to sit, start writing, and share the stories that she envisioned with others.&nbsp;<br>With that, her writing journey grew gradually from releasing the middle-grade book title Mystical Adventure of Ashley Sprinkler to the young adult psychological thriller Today, Tomorrow &amp; Never. Next in her writing journey, two novels will be released in September in 2022 for Ashley Sprinkler Book 2 title: Ancient Sacred Twisted journey and another young adult suspense/thriller novel in January 2023.<br>