About the author

Ethan Jones

<p><br></p><p>Ethan Jones is an Amazon bestselling author of the<strong> </strong>wildly popular<br><strong>Justin Hall spy thriller series </strong>which includes bestsellers: <em>Arctic Wargame, Tripoli's Target, Fog of War, Double Agents, The Diplomat, Rogue Agents, Shadow Agents, Homeland, The Saudi Strategy, The Central Connection, The Austrian Asset, The Belgian Bagman, and The Cyprus Coverup</em>,&nbsp;<em>Covert Assassin</em>&nbsp;and more.<br><br><strong>The Carrie Chronicles spy thriller series </strong>which features Justin Hall's partner, Carrie O'Connor<strong> </strong>has three bestselling books: <em>Priority Target, Codename: Makarov, </em>and<em> Entry Point.</em><br><br><strong>The Javin Pierce</strong> <strong>spy thriller series</strong>, the latest electrifying series, includes <em>The Corrector, Betrayal</em>, <em>Closure </em>and more<em>.</em><br><br><strong>The Jennifer Morgan suspense thriller series</strong> which has three compelling books to date:&nbsp;<em>The Secret Affair,&nbsp;The Secret Blush, </em>and<em>&nbsp;The Secret Cause.</em><br><br>Make sure to check them all out at&nbsp;<strong>ethanjonesbooks.com</strong> and to enjoy updates, deals, and free books.</p>