About the author

J.S. Mawdsley

<p>We&#8217;re a husband and wife novel writing team and have been since about a month after our marriage in 2007. He&#8217;s a teacher of freshman comp at a local college, with additional forays into teaching education law. She&#8217;s an adult programmer at the local library, leading book clubs, teaching tech, and the like. Being able to write together so happily once made a friend remark that we are as mythical as unicorns.</p>&#13; &#13; <p>J.S. Mawdsley live in Ohio, where they share their house with half a dozen dying houseplants, and their yard with several neighborhood cats all called George, a racoon named Ringil, and a couple of blue jays who are just like George and Martha, sad, sad, sad.&#160;</p>