About the author

Lorelle Taylor

<p>Lorelle Taylor has undertaken formal and informal studies of religion and spirituality, learning from spiritual teachers in the physical world, as well as in the spiritual realm. She is the founder of the&#160;New Spirituality Organisation of Australia, an angel card reader, and an advocate for animal and environmental welfare.</p><p>Just as Lorelle has, you, too, can learn from the experiences detailed in her books,&#160;<em>We Are One </em>and <em>Getting Used to Weird: A very different sort of Love Story.</em>&#160;Learn lessons about life and death from angels, spirit guides, Jesus and God. You, too, can consider God&#8217;s perspective on religions such as Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism.</p><p>You will come away with the understanding that &#8220;Love is the answer to all questions&#8221;.</p>